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Hello Mighty Mustang Community and prospective future St. Elmo Mustangs.

I would like to thank our wonderful St. Elmo Elementary Community for an amazing 2021-2022 school year. We faced many challenges and tribulations, but we persevered—united as one—and we made it through successfully. Like our theme for the school year said, Boldly Go St. Elmo... Click to read more.


Hola Mighty Mustang Community y posibles futuros St. Elmo Mustangs.

Me gustaría agradecer a nuestra maravillosa comunidad primaria de St. Elmo por un increíble año escolar 2021-2022. Enfrentamos muchos desafíos y tribulaciones, pero perseveramos, unidos como uno, y lo logramos con éxito. Como decía nuestro tema para el año escolar, Boldly Go St. Elmo... Haga clic aquí para leer más.

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St. Elmo Elementary

School hours: 7:45-3:10
Office hours: 7:15 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Breakfast served daily in the classroom
School mascot: Mighty Mustangs
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