St. Elmo Elementary School

Fifth Grade

Welcome to the St. Elmo Elementary 5th Grade Page!

Yesenia Gomez & Joy Poole


Welcome to 5th Grade! We are Yesenia Gomez & Joy Poole.

Our planning time is 2:15 to 3:00 if you need to reach us.

Joy Poole
Yesenia Gomez


Mrs. Poole's Schedule


5th Grade Homework Policy

Reading: Read 20 minutes nightly a book of their choice. If your student does not finish their work in class, they will have to complete it at home. This we will be calling completion work.

Math: Students are given time in class to finish their work. If they do not finish it in class, then it needs to be done at home. We will be calling this completion work.

Science: Once in a while we will have science homework if we cannot fit it in during class.

All work is due at the beginning of the next class. It will be collected or turned in to the correct bin. If you miss class, the work will be due a day later after return. Missing too many assignments will affect the grade. We do give a second copy, but it will be marked down by 10 points. If your student gets 100 on it, it will be in the grade book as a 90.


5th Grade Mighty Mustang Criteria

To be a Mighty Mustang, you must have ZERO office referrals and no more than 2 missing homework assignments.

A Mighty Mustang works hard, does their best, and is kind to their classmates.


Help Out 5th Grade!

Every dollar you donate helps our amazing fifth grade students and teachers! Donations will go for classroom supplies, field trips, professional development, building and grounds maintenance, and whatever needs are the most urgent at the time. 
Any amount will help! Your generosity is very much appreciated!

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