St. Elmo Elementary School

St. Edwards Groups

St. Edward’s at St. Elmo
The St. Edward’s University Teacher Education Program is honored to host an after school program at St. Elmo Elementary. Small groups of students in grades 2-5 work with St. Edward’s teaching interns to conduct and share research about a topic of personal interest. Youth work collaboratively or individually to compose in a variety of multimedia and share findings with families, friends, and the St. Elmo community.
Fall 2015 projects focused on:
  • Local Citizens - Newspaper
  • Local heroes - Photo Essay
  • Celebrations - Video Podcasts
  • The Benefits of Being Bilingual - Digital Stories
  • The St. Elmo Community - Photo Essay
Fall 2016 projects aligned with grade level social studies TEKS.
Spring 2016 projects focused on the role technology plays in our lives and its local and global impacts and included:


Spring 2016 projects aligned with grade level science and technology social studies TEKS.
The program is generously supported by St. Elmo Elementary administrators (Principal Gonzales and Ms. Ward), mentor faculty (Ms. Nichols, Ms. Poole, Ms. Pridgeon, Ms. Winemiller, Ms. Flores, Ms. Castonguay, Ms. Anchondo, Mr. Pizzarro, Ms. Poliakoff, Ms. Ruiz, Ms. McFadden, Ms. Halladay, Ms. Garcia, and Ms. Elmore), and guided by St. Edward’s School of Education faculty Drs. kris sloan and Elisabeth Johnson.