St. Elmo Elementary School

Our School

Offering a warm, supportive learning environment with high expectations for all students, St. Elmo Elementary School is located on the corner of South 1st and West St. Elmo Road, just south of downtown Austin. St. Elmo has a population of about 300 students in grades PK-5, with approximately 90% of our students coming from low income families. Approximately 50% of our students are native Spanish speakers who are learning English as a second language. Among academic support programs offered at St. Elmo are a one-way dual language bilingual program, Social Emotional Learning, Creative Learning Initiative, Neighborhood Longhorns, and Austin Partners in Education Classroom Coaching program. Additionally, our school is a member of the AVID Elementary network of schools. In 2014, for the fourth consecutive year, St. Elmo earned a No Place for Hate designation. St. Elmo Elementary School met the Texas Education Agency 2016 Accountability Standard, and our school was awarded five of six possible TEA Distinction Designations in 2016. At St. Elmo, we strive for exemplary educational experiences for everyone!
Ofreciendo un ambiente con expectativas altas para todos nuestros alumnos, la escuela St. Elmo Elementary está localizada en la esquina de las calles South 1st y West St. Elmo Road, al sur del centro de Austin. Tenemos aproximádamente 300 estudiantes en grados PK a 5, con 90% de nuestros alumnos de familias de bajos recursos. Aproximádamente 50% de nuestros estudiantes están aprendiendo inglés como segunda idioma. Algunos programas academicas que ofrecemos en nuestra escuela son un programa de educación bilingue, Iniciativa de Aprendizaje Creativa (Creative Learning Initiative), un programa de la Universidad de Tejas llamado Neighborhood Longhorns, y un programa de aprendizaje del grupo Austin Partners in Education llamado Classroom Coaching. Tambien, nuestra escuela es parte de la red de escuelas del programa AVID. En 2014, St. Elmo recibió la asignacion como escuela donde no hay lugar para el odio (No Place for Hate). En la escuela St. Elmo, trabajamos para asegurar experiencias educativas ejemplares para todos!